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The proper identification of machine guns and machine guns group is vital to get the irrigation system works efficiently. And it can assist you in determining the distributor Zimmatic sprinklers set optimum crop suitable for local conditions. Where he owns a distributor design tools and support from Lindsay experts to determine the best combination for irrigation axial / lateral new or upgrade existing group.

You may Zimmatic machines and the transfer of water that contains a high content of dissolved salts completely. As the machines transporting water is less than the amount used in flood irrigation or other means of spraying, it will reduce the accumulation of salts in the root zone significantly. Mechanical movement in irrigation system the ability to clean up the soil are available through the nomination in the utilization rate factor design. Water can also be transferred to different types of soil by GrowSmart controls. And you can adjust the depth of the water change or quantity of the machine. And through the transfer of appropriate requirements of water in the different growth stages of the crop, the farmer can provide the appropriate amount of water to get the highest rate of productivity of the crop. It has been difficult for watering of the crop in a way immersion access to the same level of accuracy without wasting water.



 Rotary sprinklers

Available sizes from 12 to 74 inches - from 10 to 50 pounds per square inch (3.7 to 22.6 meters - from 0.7 bar to 3.5 bar). And as it is characterized by reflective plates of the trend are subject to change and a selection of designs of individual power, the rotor sprinklers vaporizer is designed to provide the best coverage in the heavy or the ground undulating soils.



Sprays hard vaporizer

Available sizes from 7.5 to 47 inches - from 6 to 40 pounds per square inch (2.3 to 14.3 Mtra- from 0.47 to 2.8 bar). Used machine guns fixed vaporizer, available in a variety of options to suit the crop, climate, wind conditions, optimally irrigate soils lighter or Playa and can be configured for use within the field lines. Also, these units are compatible with germination and irrigation chemotherapy panels.


LEPA sprinklers

Available sizes from 2 to 20 inches - from 6 to 20 pounds per square inch (0.6 to 6.0 meters - from 0.4 to 1.4 bar). And where it is operated in two modes bubbles and spray both, longer machine guns LEPA (exact machine guns to use low energy) designed to reduce surface evaporation. Also available irrigation chemotherapy for most crops panels. This type is the most efficient irrigation sprinklers between pivotal.