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Watertronics is one of the companies Lindsay, one of the leading industry in irrigation systems to pump water for both agricultural purposes and herbs, sports arenas and natural places, golf courses and maintenance companies as well as local drinking water pumping systems. The company a leader in the design innovations and means of control is also considered as a complete pumping station built to help provide water to provide regular stations from rivers, reservoirs and irrigation canals and streams.

حلول ضخ الماء

 Basic Features

  • Providing higher productivity of the crop through the use of water and supplied on a regular basis
  • Provide direct energy rates
  • Improve the return on investment, and provide up to 25% of water and energy costs
  • Higher reliability, where are all the pumping station at the factory tested before shipment
  • The system is connected in the form of units to be assembled at the factory in order to speed installation and save time and cost required for installation


حلول ضخ الماء

The main advantages include the following:

  • Each pumping station design engineered so agree all of your needs and field conditions
  • Ensure variable frequency drive pumps (VFD) ideal organization to push for energy saving
  • The mail Butterfly Valve (EBV) to organize the pressure and prevent the increase of the load on the pump
  • Virtual Vision III touch screen does not require special instructions for reservation in memory, as it appears as one of the Windows programs. As this screen is output readings in English or metric units of measurement
  • Availability of irrigation equipment Altzmada logical choice to control completely built-in means of control in the pumping station to provide ease of setup and calibration, monitoring and control.


حلول ضخ الماء

 Combine the pumping stations of Watertronics company with wireless irrigation management system FieldNET and get additional features:

  • The ability in real time, which saves time and reduces labor and field visits
  • Pump and controller in the axis of the built-in tones for a more efficient system performance
  • Each pump control and maintenance to reach the highest performance
  • Send alerts to your cell phone in real time automatically upon the occurrence of any variation in normal operation
  • Increases in the dynamic demand control (DDC) levels of energy saving by using the dynamic pressure the designated points.
  • Add a measure of Advanced power to get the exact measurement (kW and kW / h) to achieve the extraordinary ability to control
  • Run reports for better management over time